The Return

At the tail end of last weekend, the weather was gorgeous. It was around 70 degrees with a hint of a breeze and I took advantage of this by taking a hike in Fontanelle Forest. The Fall foliage was in full bloom and I was surrounded by a beautiful quiet, only broken by the occasional sounds of squirrels scurrying amongst the dead leaves on the ground and kids laughing and crying in the distance. I did a hard and fast three miles, trying to break in the new hiking boots that I received a few weeks ago but hadn't gotten a chance to wear yet.

While all this was happening, I was also quietly trying to purge myself of all the woes and troubles that have plagued me this year. I followed that up this week by spending three days embroiled in bouts of crying and anger. I tell you all this for two reasons: one, I feel better now than I have in so long, and, two, I'm back. 

As I suspected, taking a month off from everything was good for me. If you have followed this blog for long enough, you are already aware of my internal struggles. While I keep it vague enough as to not divulge my personal life completely, I've been open enough for you to see through the cracks. If you haven't been following this blog let me fill you in briefly: I have had a rough year and I decided to take a month off of social media and my writing career. It was a tough decision but was ultimately the best decision for me.

What did I do for the past month? Well, I watched a lot of great movies, cooked some killer vegan food, took a couple of trips - one to each coast, and got outside as much as I could. Most importantly, I came back to a sense of normal. I'm back to the Write Life so I'll be posting on my regular schedule from now on. Stay tuned for this year's Shocktober!, a few travel posts, a recipe, some killer photos, a Healthy Life update, and even a new Latest Libations. 

It's good to be back.


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