It's Time for a Breather

This year, without a doubt, has taken a toll on me. Between commitments I hated, personal troubles, and the unstoppable tide of hormones, it's been a hard road. What started out as a year full of hope and promise soured into a year of despair and despondency. Because of this, my creative drive took a back seat which later seemed to have fizzled out entirely. I can only assume that what I'm feeling is burnout from trying to spread myself too thin over too great a surface area.

While I've already taken steps to remedy this issue, it's apparent to me that I'm still in a funk, both mentally and creatively. I realize that something has to give. My writing has stalled, both in my stories and here on my blog. I have an abundance of great ideas and strong beginnings, but I'm not sure where to take any of them and my writing here on the blog has become stale. I definitely do not want these things to become permanent, so I think the best thing I can do is to take a break from everything for awhile. So, I am taking the month of October off. I will, however, schedule a Saturday post, in advance, for each week that I plan to be gone as well as a "photo of the day" on Tuesdays.

I truly hope that this break will be just what I need to get back to some kind of normalcy - whether that be my old normal or a new normal. I also hope that I will feel refreshed and inspired.  Only time will tell for sure. Wish me well, my friends.

See you soon.


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