Coffee Talk: The Latest from The Write Life

Good morning! Have you got your cup of coffee at the ready? I do, and it's sitting right here looking all warm and snug in a big ceramic mug. Since we're both here, and we both have a cup of coffee, I think it's time for a coffee chat. I have some updates from The Write Life, so let me dive right in.

I have been a fount of ideas since late last year. After my writing drought last year (and I know, I've mentioned all this before, but bear with me), it was refreshing to be writing and coming up with material. That feeling really struck gold during the holidays when I had an a-ha! moment. I finally hit my stride with The Box, and it's moving along at a nice pace. Let me backtrack for just a moment here, before I get wrapped up in The Box.

When my creative drive kicked back into gear, I started working on another short story that I had originally hoped to parlay into a submission for a contest. This isn't my first rodeo trying to do just that, but I still have yet to finish one of my short stories for any submission. *laugh* I've discovered that writing short stories are more challenging than longer ones. I think I will, someday, compile my short stories into an anthology book, but for now, they are shelved.

Whenever I start writing a new book, I usually come up with a rough idea and a book cover for the next book. I know, I seems strange, but that's just how I write. For me, having my next project tucked safely into the recesses of my mind is comforting, and gives me something to look forward to. When I started The Box, I made the cover for, and came up with the basic premise of, the book that would follow. I even, during my creative blitz, wrote the first page of the story while I had an a-ha! moment for it as well. Now, that project will also be shelved.

I had anticipated finishing Lola and the Machine when I was done with The Box, but, now, it is also shelved. The reason? Well, my a-ha! moment with The Box proved so fruitful, that I now have been earnestly working on a series spawned by one of the characters in that story. It's going to be a whole mythos I create, but is yet somewhat familiar. I've already done more research and planning into it than I generally do for my other books.

I've always been a stream-of-consciousness writer, but this will definitely be more of a carefully planned and outlined project. Sometime after I finish and release The Box, I will start to share details on this next, massive project. I'm quite passionate about it, so keep an eye on my website....the future is coming! 

I'm still excited about The Box as well. It's my best work to date, I believe, and I am excited to share it with you as well. A new excerpt, the last before publication, will be coming soon!


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