Longing for a Place...

I'm sure it's partially because Winter was just here and Spring looms closer, and partially because I absolutely love being outside in the supreme beauty of nature, but I have definitely been longing to get out there and have a new, amazing experience. I long to walk where the Sun hits my face, a gentle breeze blows, and my views are stunning. Today then, I give you a taste of some of my favorite places that I've been so far and what it is about these places that kick up my wanderlust.

The Burren, Ireland - 2014

I took a trip to Ireland in 2014, and one of my favorite things while there was the day we went to the Cliffs of Moher. We stopped along the coast on the way back to Galway and I was blown away while watching the mighty Atlantic crash against the shores of the rocky Burren.

Petit Jean State Park, the Ozark Mountains, Arkansas - 2015

I took my kids to Arkansas for a visit with my mother during Spring break of last year. It was the perfect time to go as the usual tourist throngs were absent. Some color was coming in, and, much like Ireland, it's moist enough to have plenty of moss growing.

Murray Lookout, the Loess Hills, Iowa - 2015

I'm fortunate here in the Midwest to live near some beautiful nature. Although not as large in scale as the other places I've been, this place is beautiful in it's own right. I took my kids there on a day trip early last summer, and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Rocky Mountain National Park, the Rocky Mountains, Colorado - 2012

This trip, for business, ended on a high note when my former bosses took me on a day trip out of Denver and into the Rocky Mountains. I took so many pictures because every view was a feast for the eyes.

Devils Tower National Monument, Wyoming - 2011

I took my kids on a trip to South Dakota where we met up with my mom, stepdad, and grandma. We drove out west where we stayed out by Mt. Rushmore, and one day we headed into Wyoming where we enjoyed an afternoon at Devil's Tower. It was a breathtaking hike around the rock formation with beautiful views all the way around. 

I can't wait to get back out there! How about you? What are some of your favorite places? Where would you like to go?


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