The Final Verdict!

Ok, here it is! Ta da! This is a completed look using only the drug store products I bought the other day. I love the potted gel liner, but I had to play around with the artist's brushes until I found the right one. 

I feel that the eyeliner could be a bit more moist for easier application, but that might improve with a different brand (Love My Eyes is the cheap brand). 

I used the browns trio of the Maybelline Blushed NUDES for a more nighttime look, and I like the way they looked. 

I followed that up with my darker Wet 'n Wild brow liner that I reserve for night looks. I don't care for it as well, because you really have to blend it in to look right, but it does work with some TLC.

For my lips I used a Milani lip liner on my whole lips, and then added the new Wet 'n Wild natural blend lip stain/chapstick combo on top. Looks pretty good, and stayed well.

For my face, I used my new Maybelline FITme! foundation mixed with L'oreal's Infallible Pro-Matte foundation. I used a foundation brush to dab the foundation on, and then used a damp, foam beauty blender to blend it in to my skin. I finished it with the matching FITme! powder.

I have the right amount of waves from the TreSEMME Make Waves. It works well! Just run some through freshly washed hair and scrunch. After it dries run a wide-toothed comb through it!

Additionally, I used a Pür mascara that I'm not fond of. I need a good anti-clumping mascara...anyone have any good suggestions?  Comment below!


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