I want to talk about a topic that affects a lot of people, and one that has affected my own life a lot recently: negativity. Negativity is that one-sided friendship that always takes, never gives, and even though you know you should let it go, you just can't. Is it because we truly want to be negative?

It's so easy for us to get caught up in feelings of negativity, and I'm no exception. You know what though? I'm tired of it, I truly am. Does negativity do anything for me? Does it enrich my life? More importantly, does it really SOLVE anything? The answer to these questions is 'NO!' Why then is it so hard to be positive?

Positivity is encouraged by many, but not always practiced. Furthermore, I see many people just downright hate people who are positive people. They dismiss positive expression as silly, stupid, or even pointless. Positivity is none of those things. 

The truth is this: there is nothing to be gained from being negative, and it will hold you back in so many ways. Negativity starts out innocently enough, but snowballs until the purveyor eventually becomes bitter, angry, and disillusioned. They begin to blame all the unpleasant things in their lives on other people.

Being positive isn't hard, and there is so much to be gained from it. Ask yourself: is this really worth being negative or angry over? Can I just recognize it for what it is and move on? Can I put a positive spin on this and walk away happy with the knowledge that I can gain something from a negative situation?  The answer to these questions is 'YES!' 

Being positive has so many benefits. You smile more, you laugh more, you are more productive, you are friendlier, and you find that life has meaning. Being positive also means being healthier. Negative people suffer from health problems related to negativity.  Don't believe me?  Read here.

Today, I issue you a challenge.  Every time you feel yourself start to be negative about something, tell yourself it's not worth it and then put a positive spin on it.  If you find yourself surrounded by negative people and negative things, take a step back, put them in a mental time-out, take a deep breath, and remember the positive things in your life.

I hope you have a fantastic, productive, and, yes, positive day!  

H.A. Larson


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