Writing Update!

Good morning!  I can imagine you sitting somewhere drinking a nice cup of tea or coffee and watching the sunrise out the window while you curl up in a blanket.  For some that might be close to reality, while for others, more like grabbing a cup as you rush off to work.  Either way, I hope today is shaping up to be a fine day.

I'm inching ever closer to my book's completion.  I took a few days off as I had company and some other writing work to complete.  Anyway, I have a couple of articles to write, so my end of month deadline for "The Melody" might not be met, but we shall see!  I've accomplished more in less time.  I'm now an editor and writer for Zerys, so if anyone needs some freelance work done, send me an email and I will give you the details for finding me there.

I hope you're enjoying the breadth of topics I've added to my blog!  I love adding the other dimensions of myself here, it's a nice peek into my life.  




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