Rainy Day Photography

I got some work done this morning, and since I'm still battling (albeit not quite as badly) the evil sickness, I was feeling antsy in the house.  Since it's a rainy, dreary day (which, believe it or not, are my favorite kind of days) I decided to grab my camera and take a drive.  Here are a few of the photos I took today.  I played around with the photo editor I use to make my book covers, and I think they turned out well.  Those of you from the Omaha Metro area will recognize these.

 Hummel Park from the top of its reputed haunted stairs. *

Mormon Bridge: view from John Pershing Drive.

 The Florence Mill.

Some of the many radio towers on north 72nd Street.

*EDIT: November 11, 2016. These are not the haunted stairs (a.k.a. The Morphing Stairs) of Hummel Park. For more info on those, see my post "The Morphing Stairs". I wasn't sure where they were during this period of time, and guessed it to be these. I was wrong. ;)


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