Clearance Snacks

So, I went to Target last week to get some random items, and I thought I would grab some food basics for the house.  While perusing their food aisles, I came across an endcap of clearance stuff.  Here's what I scored.

 These bark THINS are the bomb!  They are both made of dark, dairy-free, chocolate.  The first one has blueberries and puffed quinoa, while the second one has almonds and coconut.  Wow they are delicious, and vegan!  I can't believe they didn't sell, so I'm guessing it was the price point.  I got them for around $2/each.

 These Snappers are amazeballs.  Chunks of pretzels molded together with caramel and then drizzled with chocolate.  They are absolutely delicious, a bit tough to eat.  I'm guessing their price point also made them unattractive, but I still paid around $2.50/each (I bought two bags).  The next I got for around $2.75 and are Ghirardelli's chocolate covered cranberries.  Mmmm.  Love them.

Then I ran into these.  These organic Annie's snack kits each contain hummus, cheese crackers, bunny graham crackers, and fruit snacks.  They were only $1.78 each!  They are usually around the $5 mark so these were a complete score.  My intent is to use for hikes, and we've already used them twice. I take our water bottles and we're set.  I bought all they had left, which was about 6.  :)


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