Beauty Bin #3 - The Last One!

 Here's the bin.  As you can see, it's changed!  That's because I bought a nice roller cart to put my beauty items and supplies into, with the exception of my makeup.  I'll save my makeup box for another day.

 Here are some shaving type items.  My shave gel that works great, and then a Mary Kay 2-in-1 item that is a shave soap/body wash.  It was a gift, and I've used it a couple of times.  I like it.  I can clean and shave while it keeps my legs smooth.  Do recommend!

 Some body powder, perfect for sticky days (I mean the humidity, get your mind out of the gutter!  ;)), and a couple of Dead Sea Essentials I picked up at Target awhile back.  The taller tube is tea tree lotion with is a refreshing lotion for the feet, but is nice on elbows and arms too.  The other is a mud mask with chamomile.  It works okay, but not that great.  It doesn't clean my pores as well it claims, but it does give my face a fresh feeling.  I have used most of the lotion, but not much of the mask.

 Garnier Damage Eraser hair mask.  This is for times when your hair needs some TLC.  It's a fairly new item in my collection, and I haven't used it yet.  To be continued!  The other is some cheap feminine wash that I picked up in a bargain bin.  I don't use this kind of product very often, but for the price I grabbed some.

 Here are the generic versions of Clearasil's face care products.  The AM Refreshing facial cleanser is one of my favorites.  I used it in the shower, and then follow up with either the oil-free astringent shown, or one of my alba pineapple enzyme wipes.  These are great for taking care of your face, and we know how important that is!  ;)

 My Aveeno body lotion!  Who can live without a proper body lotion?  Not this gal.  The next item is the Suave Moroccan Argan Oil body lotion spray.  I love their Moroccan Argan Oil line so thought I'd try it out.  I love the lotion spray!  A quick spritz, a quick rub in, and your skin is smooth for the rest of the day.  It's perfect for legs.  The last item here is, again a product from Suave's Moroccan Argan Oil line, some dry shampoo.  I can on occasion skip a shower, but I cannot skip a hair wash so dry shampoo is a must for days when you oversleep, or just aren't feeling a shower.

Bonus item.  Now that's I've organized my stuff, I have this in with all the other items.  It's a compartment for hair items.  I keep all my hair pins and ties in here, as well as my daughter's.  Keeps everything where I can find them.

So, there we have it!  All of the beauty bins have been accounted for.  I actually have some stray items that I need to add into my cart.  I will make another post about that another time.  Have a great day!


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