Homemade Mulberry & Mint Schnapps

Well, my homemade schnapps will be ready on August 22.  We are all anxious, family and friends alike, to try it.  Here's how it was made.

1.  You need two quart canning jars, plenty of mulberries, some sugar, a bottle of vodka, and some mint leaves.   I added peppermint and spearmint.

2.  Fill your quart jars with mulberries and mint, layering as you go.  Add two tablespoons of sugar to each jar, and pour vodka over the mixture, evenly distributing between both jars.  Shake it up a bit to dissolve the sugar.  Now, this is the hard part, wait for 2 months!  That's the amount of time needed to turn the vodka into schnapps.

3.  This is what it will look like between month one and two.

This recipe is so awesome, and so easy.  It's incredibly versatile and can be made with anything you desire, including hot peppers.  Some people use lots of sugar and everclear....I highly discourage both!  Your product will be better the way I have described.  Hope you can all try it!


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